Lagadapati’s Nightmare to TRS Leaders and Cadre

Lagadapati Rajagopal Reveals Two Winning Candidates in Telangana ElectionsLagadapati Rajagopal has come before the media and once again reiterated that Mahakutami is coming back to Power in Telangana. This has caused a sensation in Political Circles because all the National Media Surveys have predicted a clear victory for TRS just minutes before his Press Meet.

TRS Leaders and Cadre are themselves confused about this development. When Lagadapati told the Pre-Poll survey, they are very much confident that he tampered the survey to suit the narrative of Chandrababu. They also hoped that native Telanganites will come together and kill the Andhra Hegemony after their ego is hurt by the survey.

But Lagadapati reiterating the same even after the elections have planted doubts in their minds. They are now thinking on the lines that Lagadapati will not keep his credibility at stake even after the elections. But the suspense and the confusion cannot be cleared until 11th. For now, Mahakutami camp is smiling.

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