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Lagadapati’s Sleepless Nights for Nandhyal Election

Lagadapati's Sleepless Nights for Nandhyal ElectionThe voting for Nandhyal By-election will take place on 23rd of August. The counting will happen on 28th. The Results will be out on the same day. The election is considered as Semi-Final for the crucial 2019 Assembly Elections and so TDP and YSR Congress has taken them seriously.

There is a lot of anxiety about the election in the people and many are looking at former Congress MP Lagadapati Raja Gopal who is accurate in his election surveys for a possible prediction. There are already some Fake Surveys on the name of Lagadapati.

“Lagadapati has no habit of doing surveys for by-elections. He did not do anything for Nandhyal. Even if he does, he will reveal it directly to media only. His Phone is constantly ringing day and night making him sleepless,” a source close to the former MP tells us.