Lagadapati-Rajagopal-Predicts-Biggest-Shock-to-KCRPolling in Telangana has concluded this evening and going by the last update about the polling, it can not be less than 72% which means higher than the 2014 Voter Turnout. National Media unanimously ruled out of the chances for Mahakutami in this election giving Clear Majority for TRS guaranteeing the Second Term.

Interestingly, every other channel gave figures in favor of TRS which indicates that it is a one-sided election. After Mahakutami got completely demoralized, Andhra Octopus Lagadapati Rajagopal came before the media and stood firmly behind Mahakutami saying that they will safely steer to safety. Lagadapati gave 65 (+/-10 Seats) to Mahakutami.

Ruling TRS Party was given 35 (+/-10 Seats). Rest BJP-7 (+/-2 Seats), MIM: 6-7 Seats, Independents:7 (+/-2 Seats), and BLF: 1 Seat. Lagadapati confidently told the media that the real results will be very much in tune to his estimates even though he termed this election as the Toughest Ever Survey for his Team.

Lagadapati spiced up things with this survey results. If this happens to be true, it will be one of the biggest upsets in Indian Electoral History. It is known that KCR dissolved the Assembly Eight Months in advance hoping to make use of the pro-incumbency but things have changed drastically with Mahakutami formation if Lagadapati is true.