Lady-techie-wins-harassment-case-against-Wipro bangaloreIn what could be said as an excellent victory for women all over India and around the world, a software employee named Shreya Ukil finally won her case against the software giant Wipro.

Going into details, 40 year old Shreya, who was working with Wipro as the head of the sales for the Europe division in Wipro’s London office sued the corporate giant that her office mates and seniors were sexually and mentally harrasing her during her term in London.

Shreya sued Wipro for nearly 12 crores and said in her statement that she was being targeted a lot and was also being called Un european and also filthy words like bitch by her senior officials. In her case, Shreya also put forward that she was being paid half the salary what her male counterparts were getting.

The case which went on for over two years in London and was finally declared in favour of Shreya. The tribune is yet to decide how much the corporate giant has to pay the victim.

Several news after agencies reveal that justice has been done and the courts have acted correctly in giving full respect to a woman who deserves much more and such judgements will also be a lesson for other companies who will deal with women carefully in the future.