Lack Of Political Sense Among Online Supporters Troubles Janasena!Janasena has dropped enough hints about joining hands with TDP in the coming days. There are enough indications that the party may sever ties with BJP sooner or later. In the MPTC and ZPTC elections, both the parties have helped each other in at least six MPPs of Godavari districts.

They managed to keep the ruling party at bay in Kadiyam, Rajolu, Malkipuram, P.Gannavaram, Achanta, and Veeravasaram. This has been possible only due to coordination between the cadre of both the parties at the village level. But the situation online has been completely different.

Online supporters of the party who have been mostly blinded by hatred due to film reasons are completely opposing the alliance. These supporters who do not know the ground reality are keeping themselves, their egos above the party interests and are demanding that there should be no alliance with TDP.

The cadre working on the ground, however, will have no objection. The lack of proper political sense for online supporters is the reason for this contrasting behavior. The fact remains that Janasena can barely survive the 2024 elections if there is no proper alliance. Pawan Kalyan hoped BJP would emerge as a big force in AP politics after 2019 but the party only sunk further.

As things stand today, an alliance with TDP is a big need for Janasena. The combination can be a game-changer for both parties. In all probability, BJP will have no way to join them. Even if they do not, it does not matter much.