KVP-Ramachandra-Rao-JaganKVP Rama Chandra Rao used to be called the Aatma of late YS Rajasekhar Reddy. He used to play a very role in the Government back then.

But then, he surprised everyone when he distanced himself from Jagan when he differed from Congress and floated his own party. Since then, we have seen him making small comments troubling Jagan.

At the same time, he never revealed the reason why he did not sail with Jagan. Finally he is going to reveal it.

“Very soon I will call a Pressmeet and reveal the reason why I did not sail together with Jagan. This should be disclosed some day or the other. I can not keep running from that questions any longer,” KVP said.

It is an easy guess there should be a strong reason for such decision. Once revealed it is likely to trouble Jagan big time. Already we have seen Jagan getting the bad name after Sharmila and YS Sunitha (Viveka’s daughter), any adverse comments by KVP will dent Jagan’s image further.