TDP_Stampede_Naga_BabuThe YCP government’s decision to ban road shows and rallies hasn’t sat well with the opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh. They are calling out the Jagan-led government over the same now.

Now, Pawan Kalyan’s brother and JanaSena leader Naga Babu has ridiculed Jagan over it.

“Does Jagan think he is ruling a kingdom? He’s in a democracy and he’s forgetting it. What gives him the power to ban road shows and rallies? This is the only means the opposition parties have to meet the public. How would he have done his Pada Yatra if the TDP government banned public shows?” Naga Babu said.

Adding further Naga Babu said “What happened at Chandrababu’s public meetings was unfortunate. But that doesn’t give Jagan the right to act as per his wish. In fact, I suspect foul play in the second incident which claimed a few lives at Chandrababu’s public show. We will dig deep into it”.

The fact that Naga Babu suspected foul play in the second incident at CBN’s road show, that claimed 3 lives has caught the attention now.