Kurnool_Tour_Chandrababu Naidu_Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is touring districts as a part of Baadhude Baadhudu program. The other day, he is in Kurnool and has surprised the party cadre and Political analysts.

He had announced Dharmavaram Subbareddy as the party’s candidate for Dhone keeping aside KE family which has been in the constituency since 1979.

He is the first candidate to be announced for 2024 elections. KE family may leave TDP as a result but Chandrababu did not shy away from taking stern decisions.

In Allagadda, Bhuma Akhila Priya reportedly pressurized Naidu to announce her as the party’s candidate. But Naidu refused to budge given her non acceptance in the party.

Akhila even stayed away from Naidu’s Allagadda tour but Naidu did not budge. Chandrababu sent a positive message that winning takes precedence over seniority.

This is something really important to win 2024. Naidu is known for postponing such decisions until the last minute. Dhone candidate announcement is an indication that there will not be such a thing going forward.

Chandrababu also announced that he would announce candidates for 2024 very soon. With elections two years to go, this is a very positive step.