ktr about kcr amaravathi planFew days back, Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao had told the media that they will be going to Amaravati if they are invited for the Foundation event. But now it looks like there is a U turn. KTR once again told the media that it will be decided in the evening if the Telangana CM will go there or not.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu will be meeting KCR this evening to personally invite him for the event. Some media is reporting that KCR is going and his schedule is also confirmed. While some media says he is not going.

They say KCR may send KTR and Eetala Rajendra on his behalf. So Telangana government seem to be maintaining the suspense. Telangana government had planned to unveil the prestigious double bed room houses for poor on Vijaya Dasami day. We will have to see if KCR postpones that and go to Amaravati.