KTR's Son Quotes Balayya's Dialogue!Himanshu Rao, Telangana IT minister KTR’s son, faced online trolling because of his weight issues in the past. He has been a victim of body shaming because of his bulky physique.

KTR got affected on multiple occasions and he spoke about it openly. He mentioned how some insensitive people made below-the-belt comments against his son. But of late, Himanshu is trolling the trollers back with a massive makeover.

The other day, a social media user posted a pic of Himanshu and wrote that he looks exactly like the younger version of his father KTR.

Himanshu noticed that posted on Twitter and replied with the famous Balakrishna dialogue, “A great man once said “sarsarle ennenno anukuntam, anni jaruguthaaya enti”. Jokes apart, Thank youu!”

The post is being liked by many and some of them were even asking Himanshu to reveal the secret behind his stunning makeover.

One thing is for sure, there is no need for KTR to defend his son regarding weight issues as he looks in great shape now.