KTR GHMC ElectionsTelangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao seem to be shouldering the entire responsibility of the ruling party campaign in GHMC elections. While the party until now is famous for its ‘Telangana Jaago, Andhrawale Bhaago’ slogan, now is buttering Andhra voters who are decisive in the upcoming civic polls.

KTR himself is appeasing Andhra voter asking them to forget about the past. “Its true that we have used harsh language on Andhra in the past, thats because Andhra leaders trying to suppress Telangana movement”, KTR admitted.

“Andhra voters did not believe us in 2014 and so we got only 2 seats in GHMC limits. But its totally different after that. We made sure there is not even a fly on them. Its due to bifurcation, AP is getting several new institutes and Amaravati. So they should introspect and vote for TRS here,” KTR intelligently appealed.