KTR’s Rare Embarrassment in Twitter


Former Telangana Minister K Taraka Ramarao is a rockstar on Twitter. All we see on Twitter is Tweeps heaping praises on the KCR scion for his responsiveness in various issues. But on Friday, he invited a rare criticism for an interview which he had given to a Popular Media House.

Sharing the interview, KTR went on to say how he opined that if UPA was bad but NDA is worse, it has centralized power in one man. He called for the need to empower states. Unexpectedly, there were numerous tweets about how the Power is centralized in one man i.e., KCR in Telangana as well.

Some even mocked him about having no cabinet in place even after 45 days of the Assembly Election Results. Very much on expected lines, KTR chose to ignore such comments but such tweets got good traction in Twitter. The fact is that even TRS supporters are finding it hard to defend in this issue.

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