KTR_V6V6 News Channel has entered the Top 5 in the ratings chart very quickly after its inception. Gaddam Vivek owns this channel which made quick strides in impressing the people.

The channel used to initially support TRS and later switched to the Opposition. Vinod left TRS and joined Congress back then. He quickly realized Congress is a dead horse in Telangana and is now supporting BJP.

V6 and the Newspaper Velugu are suffocating the Ruling Party supporting BJP.

In a press conference, Minister KTR hinted at banning V6 and Velugu.

“In Gujarat where there is prohibition, 42 people died due to spurious liquor consumption. Do you call it a scheme or scam? Can your V6 show it? We know what dramas V6 is doing. We also know when to ban V6 and other Chillar BJP supporting mouthpieces. We will bare them before the people,” KTR warns V6 reporter in the press conference.

In the initial days of coming to power, KCR imposed an unofficial ban on TV9 and ABN. This time it is banning V6 from covering BRS and Government related media meets.