ktr and nara lokeshThe scions of both the Telugu Chief Ministers – Nara Lokesh and Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao will be under intense scrutiny of the public as they embark on going to a tour to the United States. KTR’s tour will be starting on May 5th and will go on for two weeks while Lokesh will be going on a 10 days tour starting May 3rd.

Both the young leaders are on a mission to the United States to bring in investments to the state. Interestingly both of them earlier studied and worked for several years in US and are taking on each other in a familiar turf. While KTR is going there in official position as IT Minister of Telangana, Lokesh is going on personal capacity.

Besides inviting investors, Lokesh will also promote the Smart ward/village program among the NRI clout there. He will also take up fund raising event for the TDP cadre welfare fund which he is heading. The NRI Telugu associations in US already vertically split on Telangana and Andhra Pradesh feelings. And now these organizations are gearing up to compete in making the tours of respective leaders a grand success and stamp their authority.