KTR Spends 1.5 Lakh Per Day For Social MediaFormer MP K Vishweshwar Reddy has alleged that KTR is maintaining an army of trolls on social media paying a whopping 1.5 Lakh Rupees per day. Vishweshwar Reddy was previously in TRS and shifted to Congress just before 2018 elections.

He lost the elections and has quit Congress last year but he continued to be anti-KCR and anti-KTR. In a conversation with some random person regarding favoritism to friends and family in Telangana Government, Konda Vishweshwar Reddy made these comments.

“When I was in TRS it was funded approx 1.5 lakhs / day by Crown Prince. It’s managers was a failed guy who now gets a govt salary. They are paid to troll & post filth on rivals. The Twitter Army has the support of police who do not accept complaints against them,” the former MP said.

Political parties maintaining social media teams is not anything new. The expenses if true are definitely a surprise for common people. The tweet is going viral on social media.