KTR - Revanth ReddyTelangana Politics have been revolving around Drug tests. It started with Revanth Reddy throwing a ‘White Challenge’ challenging Minister KTR to take a drug test. Former MP K Vishveshwar Reddy has accepted the challenge.

KTR has accepted the challenge but threw the ball back into Congress’s court saying that Revanth should bring Rahul Gandhi for the ‘White Challenge’. The Minister has now slapped a defamation case on the PCC President. He revealed this on Twitter.

“Today I have invoked the legal process & filed a suit for defamation and injunction before the Hon’ble court. I am confident that the Court process will clinchingly vindicate the falsity of the canards & lies spread against me and the culprits will be brought to book appropriately,” KTR wrote.

Meanwhile, KTR has challenged Revanth Reddy to take a lie detector test. Revanth agreed to it but with a condition of undergoing same over Sahara and ESI scams. Probably, it’s time for politicians to spend time on issues related to people other than wasting time on wild allegations which will obviously lead to no where. Their fights on Twitter are remembering Tollywood fan wars.