KTR On AP: Unimaginable Response By YSRCP Leaders Telangana IT Minister KTR‘s comments on pathetic infrastructure in Andhra Pradesh is sending shockwaves in AP Political circles.

The Ruling party leaders are struggling to defend themselves properly and some of them are really pathetic.

Minister Jogi Ramesh said, “If you come to Andhra, you can see Amma Vodi, Aasara, Housing sites to women, Raithu Bharosa Kendralu, Secretariats in every village and many more. I request KTR to come and see”.

“Ministers of other states are coming here to study our welfare schemes,” Jogi Ramesh added.

MLA Malladi Vishnu‘s response is even more ridiculous. “It’s us who taught culture to Hyderabad. The city is what it is today due to investments by Kostha people. People will very soon wish for United AP,” he said.

Both these are very pathetic responses. Both the leaders do not even have a single word to defend themselves. They could not even deny the allegation made by KTR.

Probably that is in an indication of how things are so bad in Andhra Pradesh.