KTR Calls Rahul Gandhi as BachaThe war of words is getting heated up day after day as the Palair elections are drawing near. Everyone is trying to outdo each other and are throwing strong some strong words.

Some time back, KTR made same strong statements and challenged congress leader Uttam Kumar Reddy that if his party TRS loses these elections, he will resign from his post and will he do the same if congress looses.

That’s it Uttam Kumar lost his control and replied back strongly the next day that KTR is beaming with over confidence and is just a Baccha in the field of politics. Now, KTR has finally replied during an interview and went another step ahead.

“Is you party leader, Rahul Gandhi, from who you are taking all the instructions and doing things is not a Baccha” Congress party has ignored these so called Baccha’s from quite some time and everyone knows what state they are in now”.

KTR also added that more than half of the population is filled with youth and one should take them very seriously. Looks like KTR does not wants to slow down any time soon and is giving it back heated answer. Is he correct or is doing all this in over confidence because his party in is power and what will be the repercussions from this only time will tell.