KTR Knows Youth Pulse BetterTelangana IT minister KTR maintains an active presence on social media. He often tweets about socially relevant topics and more often than not, his tweets attract the younger section of social media users.

For instance, we see political celebrities tweeting about cricket whenever there’s something big happening. A fair few of them lack any knowledge of the game and we can deduct the same as soon as we read their tweets. But that isn’t the case with KTR.

KTR’s tweets imply that he has in-depth knowledge of everything he tweets about, be it cricket or anything else. The youth seem to like KTR’s clarity of thought.

KTR often tends to tweet about content that gains traction from the youth and that has built him good following amongst the younger generation.

It needs to be said that KTR knows the youth pulse better and his followers might argue that it is the way forward in modern-day politics.