KTR-Is-the-Most--Accessible-Indian-Politician“Surely will help”, “Will support”, ‘Will take care” have become buzz words in Social Media ever since TRS Government has come to Power in Telangana. KTR, the former Minister of Telangana Government has ensured that the Government has become practically available to the common man when in the need of medical help.

Chief Minister Relief Fund Assistance is not anything new but then people used to struggle a lot waiting for the appointments of the Chief Ministers and sometimes in serpentine queues even to submit their applications in the secretariats. But with KTR it is not even needed. Take a piece of paper and tweet your problem and the help comes your way.

500 Cases have been assisted in such a way and you can just imagine that is smiles on 500 families in distress. If someone says, with Politicians in the Power Corridors and Insensitive Bureaucracy, KTR is the most accessible Indian Politician, one can not deny despite political affiliation.

There are people who say KTR has used Twitter for his self-propaganda and promotion. Maybe but the fact remains the same that the needy are helped in the state of distress. If the TRS Working President is promoted with this act, he deserves all of that.