KTR TeslaElon Musk’s Tesla cars entry to India is one of the most anticipated events in the Indian Automobile industry. But Elon Musk has been delaying it due to high Import Taxes up to 100% in India. The other day, someone asked him about Tesla’s India entry.

“Still working through a lot of challenges with the government,” Elon Musk replied. Telangana Minister KTR had immediately reached out to Elon via Twitter inviting him to set shop in Telangana promising in working through the challenges.

“Hey Elon, I am the Industry & Commerce Minister of Telangana state in India. Will be happy to partner with Tesla in working through the challenges to set shop in India/Telangana. Our state is a champion in sustainability initiatives & a top-notch business destination in India,” KTR wrote.

KTR’s proactiveness in reaching out to the big business. Meanwhile, the problems being faced by Tesla in India may be something out of the reach of any state government. GoT wants Tesla to manufacture cars in India or at least assemble them in India.

Musk, however, says a Tesla ‘factory in India is quite likely’ but at the condition that its imported cars first succeed in the country. Because of the existing duties, Tesla cars could prove too expensive for Indian buyers. The policy change Tesla needs is not within the reach of KTR. But then, the proactiveness of the Minister should be definitely appreciated.

On Twitter, we can see people of other states foul crying about not having such proactive leaders/ministers.