KTR Gets Taste Of Pawan Fan Power!

KTR Gets Taste Of Pawan Kalyan Fans PowerK Chandrasekhar Rao and his family that includes son KT Rama Rao and daughter Kavitha, have always been open about this mocking and condemning of Pawan Kalyan. They make no bones about it and have time and again criticized him. It was, therefore, surprising to see what transpired at the pre-release function of Dhruva.

KT Ramarao was the biggest chief guest at the function filled with Mega fans. And like it is usual precedence at any Mega event, fans start shouting for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and make all the guests uncomfortable. The guests have to say something about the star.

So can you guess what happened when KTR came to speak? The politician finally had something positive to say about Powerstar as he got a live taste of the Power of fans. KTR had a fond relationship with Megastar Chiranjeevi and his family sans Pawan Kalyan. When he was speaking that’s how he begin talking about Megastar but when it came to a slight mention of Powerstar, the crowd roared which made him gave an instant reaction..vare wah!

This response has already become a catchphrase among the fans. Guess, in the movie world, they don’t have much of a problem with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. It is the politics where all the issues arise.

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