KTR - Digvijay SinghThe other day, on the occasion of Telangana Formation day, Telangana government had splashed huge advertisements in all Newspaper across the country irrespective of languages and states. Telangana Congress Incharge, Digvijay Singh lambasted the Telangana CM for being a Nero in the celebration mode when poor people are dying.

He also alleged that in two years after Telangana formation, only KCR family got benefited. Telangana IT Minister, KTR countered Digvijay Singh allegations in his own style. He pointed out how the Congress Incharge could not even get the spelling of Telangana right. Digvijay spelt Telangana as ‘Telengana’ in his Tweets.

This is not just about a spelling. KTR indeed pointed out an ages old problem of Congress party. Congress incharges are totally insensitive to local sentiments and only act as messengers of the high command to the party state units. It was Digvijay Singh who made Telangana issue more complex by flaring up sentiments of people on both the sides back then.