KTR Adipurush Issue: Silly To Say TRS Is Anti-Hindu!The bitter war between BJP and TRS has snowballed into a new angle after Prabhas fans are after Minister KTR. In an interview, KTR said BJP is making around fifteen propaganda films that also includes Adipurush.

KTR believes BJP is using Hinduism and Patriotism to turn tide in their favor in 2024. From Uri to The Kashmir Files to Adipurush, they will all work for BJP, the Minister believes.

Prabhas fans are deeply hurt and are cursing KTR. They are calling him and TRS anti-Hindu. KTR may have his reasons and information to believe what he said.

Very often, a film’s producers and financiers may have intentions but still it may not be in the know of the actors. KTR can be misinformed as well.

But then, Prabhas fans calling KTR and TRS anti-Hindu and anti-India do not cut ice. TRS is more Hindu than any other political party in the country. We have seen KCR doing Homams before everything and anything he does.

He does not hesitate to flaunt his Hindu credentials and is developing Yadadri temple with Government funds. We have seen him making donations to Hindu temples and Dharmic organizations.

In the age of Political leaders more eager to hide Hindu in them to claim their secularism, this is some thing very rare. BJP or any others should choose some other issue if they were to target TRS.

Emotions are getting better of Prabhas fans on this issue.