Krishna Pushkaralu Traffic Management, Krishna Pushkaralu Traffic Management Big Success, Krishna Pushkaralu Traffic Management Success Strategy  Andhra Pradesh government seem to have learned lessons from the mishap that occurred on the first day of Godavari Pushkaralu and made sure that they do not repeat in Krishna Pushkaralu. Vijayawada is known for its traffic snarls due to congested roads. The proposed road extensions and Flyovers did not complete on time.

Everyone feared about traffic jams that would engulf the city as about three Crore people are expected to visit the city during this 12 days festival time. But everyone are surprised with no traffic jams. The city police and administration seem to have done their home work on traffic management.

Strict rules were imposed regarding traffic movement in the city and heavy vehicles were diverted to make sure the roads are not jammed. As a result the city roads are free. These three days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) are very crucial as they are long weekend holidays. Police will have some breathing space if these days pass off.