Nallapureddy_Prasanna_Kumar_Reddy_YSRCPNallapureddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy has won five times in Kovur (Nellore district). In 2019, he has won with a whopping 40K majority.

But his working style has become controversial ever since 2019.

The MLA has deputed some local leaders to oversee the constituency and they have become Vasool Rajas.

There is a rate for everything in the constituency.

Even the transfers of government officials and issues in police and revenue works are not spared. There is a rate card fixed even for the beneficiaries of various government schemes.

The MLA-appointed leaders are reportedly making huge money from Sand and Gravel illegal mining.

These leaders claim that they fund the entire election expenses of the MLA and do not care about anyone.

These leaders make money in the constituency and do Real-estate business in Chennai.

While the MLA claims he is not in the know of all these, even the YSR Congress cadre is finding it tough to believe it.

There are rumors in the constituency that even the CMO has taken note of what is happening in the constituency and sought intelligence reports.

Probably that is the reason why Nallapureddy did not get a cabinet berth despite having all the necessary qualifications.