M Kodandaram TJACTelangana JAC Chairman Professor Kodandaram seem to be confusing about his stance on Telangana government. Kodandaram is occasionally seems to be satisfied with Telangana government and immediately after that is seen criticizing the government. A couple of days before Telangana formation day, he said Telangana government performance is okay.

But then, that did not please KCR and Kodandaram did not get the invitation for Telangana formation day celebrations and that seem to have irked him. He went on to say that those who worked hard for Telangana statehood including him did not get an invite and thats a very big statement to give about this government.

And then the other day he lambasted the government further that it is behaving different than what people are aspiring. He even said development do not mean developing Hyderabad and ignoring other districts. He also added that government did very nothing to change the lives of commoners in this two years rule. Kodandaram better be consistent about his opinion on the government.