YS_Jagan_Kodi_KathiYS Jagan Mohan Reddy was attacked in Vishakhapatnam airport with a Kodi Kathi. YSR Congress, back then, tried to paint it as a murder attempt on Jagan.

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But later it was revealed that the accused Srinivas Rao, in fact, was a Jagan fan and did that to bring sympathy to the then Chief Minister. The accused was languishing in jail since then as Jagan did not attend the court at least once.

The issue was referred to the NIA Court and the court repeatedly mentioned the statement of the victim is important to solve the case. But Jagan is not co-operating.

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Today, the accused Srinivas Rao and CISF Assistant Commander Dinesh Kumar attended the court once again. The court once again heard to Dinesh Kumar’s version.

The court adjourned the case until 14th of this month and once again reiterated that the victim should attend the court.

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We will have to see if Jagan attends the court. TDP alleges that Jagan would not want to cooperate with the trial as the sympathy drama will be revealed.