Telangana Joint Action Chairman Kodanda Ram has faced the heat of Osmania University students and unemployed youth unions today. Kodanda Ram was supposed to attend a seminar on Polavaram project in OU Law College but was stopped by the students demanding him to agitate against government’s decision on regularize contract employees. The Unions have made slogans against Kodanda Ram’s silence and KCR’s government against this decision. They allege that KCR’s decision will increase rob the opportunities of unemployed and increase their problem.

Police have disassembled them and Kodanda Ram went to the seminar. Kodanda Ram who spearheaded Telangana movement with his Telangana JAC. H is a professor of Political Science at PG College in Secunderabad, one of the colleges under Osmania University. As he is busy in the agitations, he is in long leave from January 2010 to August 2012. He joined back in his duties earlier this week.