Kodali Nani Should Replace Gutkha Ads In Film TheatersTDP senior leader Buddha Venkanna fired on Minister Kodali Nani’s remarks about TDP’s Fortieth anniversary.

“Children and parents are scared when they see Kodali Nani on TV as he looks like a Boochodu. Kodali should be shown in the Khaini and Gutka ads which come before a film in the theaters,” Buddha Venkanna said.

“The people of the state see Kodali Nani as a pest. Kodali Nani is an 840 in the 420 party. Did Kodali Nani forget that YCP was born a 420?,” Buddha Venkanna asked.

Kodali Nani is blackmailing Jagan to keep his cabinet berth. Kodali Nani is hated by the YCP leaders themselves. NTR children did not loot public money like how Jagan did, using his father’s CM position,” the former MLC said.

“Kodali Nani is a backstabber who damaged Harikrishna’s image. Viveka Reddy’s family members say that Jagan Mohan Reddy killed Vivekananda Reddy. Did any of the NTR family members say that Chandrababu killed NTR? If anyone said that, I would leave the state,” he added.