Kodali Nani & Perni Nani Face The Heat From PK Fans!Pawan Kalyan fans across the globe are fuming at YSR Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh for the Vendetta Politics on Bheemla Nayak. This morning, AP ministers Kodali Nani and Perni Nani were met with protest from Pawan Kalyan fans.

Fans and Janasena activists tried to block the ministers who came for the inauguration of a theater in Gudivada, Krishna district. They shouted slogans in favor of Pawan Kalyan and against the Government calling for an end to the government’s stubborn attitude.

Police arrested those who tried to obstruct the ministers. Fans were outraged that Pawan’s film was troubled in the state like nowhere else in the country. They tried to convince the police that they are only trying to give a representation to Cinematography Minister Perni Nani but they did not allow it.

TDP stood firmly with Pawan Kalyan in this crisis vehemently opposing the autocratic attitude of the Government.