Kodali-Nani-YS-Jagan-Former Minister Kodali Nani has toured Gudivada 16th ward as part of the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

A woman brought to his notice how it is difficult to pay the ‘Chettha Pannu’ (Garbage Tax) every month.

Media reports suggested that Nani instructed the officials not to collect the Tax.

The officials brought to his notice that Gudivada is the best performing town in tax collection across the state.

Even then, Nani asked them to stop the collection.

A day after it happened, Nani came to the media once again and said he never ordered to stop the tax collection, which is a creation of Yellow media.

“I only said I will discuss the people’s issues with the Chief Minister,” he clarified.

There are rumors in the constituency that Nani had got a call from the CMO saying that the Chief Minister is upset with the former minister’s overreach on the Government policy issue.

Fearing consequences, Nani backtracked his earlier order.