Kodali Nani Brings A New Headache For JaganAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is likely to expand his cabinet on April 11th. The Chief Minister is working on the composition of the team which is likely to be the election cabinet.

It is known that the Chief Minister has recently commented that two or three of the present ministers could continue in terms of various equations. But now it is being said that there is a roadblock.

It is learned that the CM is also considering the argument that if some of these continue, the pressure from the rest will increase and they may be dissatisfied if a preference is given to some.

Sources say that the CM is considering continuing Kodali Nani in the cabinet given that he is from the same community as Chandrababu Naidu and will be motivated to abuse Naidu and Lokesh more.

Jagan feels Kodali abusing Chandrababu adds value for the party and the government.

But then, some of the ministers are not happy about giving more importance to Nani who is a non-performer while they feel they did some good work in their portfolios.

Sources say that Jagan is preparing to change the entire cabinet if he could not convince the dissatisfied outgoing ministers.