Kodali Nani Gudivada Casino- Vallabhaneni VamsiMinister Kodali Nani admitted to the casino in his Gudivada. In a television debate, the Minister admitted that the casino has happened in Gudivada but not in his Convention Center. He also revealed that the casino was organized by someone belonging to MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi.

“People want such things for Sankranthi. If an MLA can not organize such entertainment, People will call the concerned a Panikimalina Vedhava. I am not in Gudivada at the time of Sankranthi as I am in Hyderabad getting treated for Corona. I asked Vamsi, my friend and he organized it through some of his acquaintances,” Nani revealed.

“I did not go to my constituency for the last fifteen days. I do not know if the casino is near to my convention center but it is not in my convention center. We do not make any money from Casinos. The organizers will bear the profit or loss. It is just entertainment for our people,” the Minister added.

Ideally, both Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni Vamsi walked into the mess now. Since organizing a casino is illegal, we will have to see what the Government and the Police do.