KKR's unexpected bouncer on bifurcation issue!Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy who is a strong supporter of Samayikya Andhra movement sent out a bouncer on the last day of year in the state bifurcation issue. In a official note sent late night on Tuesday the Chief Minister changed the portfolio of Assembly affair ministry from Sridhar Babu to Sailajanath. It is known that Sridhar Babu is from Telangana and Sailajanath is staunch supporter of Samyikya Andhra.

Sridhar Babu was given commercial taxes portfolio which is with the Chief Minister till now. This move assumes significance as AP reorganization bill is coming to discussion in Andhra Pradesh Assembly from January 3rd. This has also triggered a sensation in Political circles for obvious reasons. Also reshuffle in cabinet just before the elections is quite unlikely. On the other side, Telangana supporters are anxiously waiting to see what happens to the bill and if Telangana state is a reality before the 2014 elections.