Kishan-reddy-chandrababu-naiduBJP State President Kishan Reddy who is always averse to alliance with TDP in Telangana, is trying his level best to push the party high command in breaking the alliance. The Cash for Vote scam in which TDP MLA, Revanth Reddy is arrested came as a big opportunity to him.

It is learnt that Kishan Reddy is compiling all the media news and conspiracy theories around this case to National President, Amit Shah. He is reportedly trying to prove a point that TDP is a tained party and should be sent out of NDA government.

Kishan Reddy also admitted that all the BJP MLAs voted for TDP as first preference and NOTA as Second Preference making those votes invalid. While Kishan Reddy claims ignorance of rules, sources its an intentional ploy to extend non-cooperation to TDP.