Kishan Reddy wants TDP to fund for his honeymoon!Telangana TDP and BJP are struggling to gel properly ahead of the crucial Warangal by-election. Both the parties want to put up their candidate to strengthen the party at the ground level if not winning. BJP gained the upper hand in this tussle as Warangal is its seat in the last elections. But financial issues are plaguing BJP there.

In the previous Medak by-election, TDP funded Jaggareddy even though he contested on BJP ticket. Now BJP is also expecting the same once again. However TDP is not at all interested as BJP will give no contest in Warangal as it has no cadre there.

TDP clarified that besides their expenses, BJP will also have to bear the expenses of TDP cadre there in case it wants them to work effectively. This clause will trouble the cash strapped Telangana BJP. But TDP leaders are openly commenting why would they have to fund BJP’s honeymoon especially with no hope of winning.