Kishan Reddy to be relieved of Telangana BJP duties?News emerging from Political circles is that BJP high command is planning to show door to Telangana BJP President, Kishan Reddy. The Party is of the opinion that Kishan Reddy is a complete failure in leading party in the new state and in exploiting the opposition space there.

The National unit also got reports that Kishan Reddy is restoring to some anti-party affairs since the last elections. He is even said to have helped other parties against own party candidates as he do not like BJP aligning with TDP in 2014. Muralidhar Rao may replace Kishan Reddy as the state President. Muralidhar Rao is from Velama community.

BJP is of the opinion that Muralidhar Rao’s elevation will bring the disgruntled Velama Leaders in Telangana Rashtra Samiti to BJP. If this experiment works out, Muralidhar Rao may be projected as the Chief Minister candidate for 2019 elections.