Kids COVID Vaccine India CostZydus Cadilla’s Zycov-D is the first COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved for the kids aged above 12 years in India. The vaccine is supposed to be taken in three doses. Earlier the company has hinted each dose to be costing at 1900 Rupees which should make it the costliest among available vaccines.

But then, the Central Government has renegotiated with the company and made them agree for 265 Rupees for dose. A jet applicator is used to administer the vaccine. The applicator will cost another 93 Rupees. That means each dose will cost 365 Rupees.

The official announcement is likely in one week and the vaccine will be available for Public use. Meanwhile, Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin has been also approved for the use of kids aged two and above. The administering to Covaxin for kids did not start yet.

Meanwhile, the Corona cases in the country are currently under control. The country recently crossed the 100 Billion doses. Hopefully the vaccination should prevent the third wave.