khammam ourt divorce on skypeA local court in Khammam granted divorce to the couple while one of the petitioners was asked through Skype. The first of its kind of hearing by the court in India. Though we hear some days back that Muslim people getting their divorce (Talaq) through video calling facilities like Skype in Arab countries.

The judge questioned the petitioner to identify his father and his husband(Now ex-husband) and later on she has been asked about opinion in the divorce. After her acceptance, the judge granted divorce to the couple. The petitioner granted Legal Power of Attorney her father to attend proceedings on behalf of her.

The couple got married in 2012 and later on some differences surfaced between the couple and her husband filed ‘Nullity of Marriage’ against that she filed domestic violence case on her husband. After discussions both the families agreed to solve the matter amicably and filed mutual consent petition in the court.