KGF 2 Fans Using Jagan to insult RRR FansKannada fans are trending the hashtag #BoycottRRRinKarnataka after the local distributor did not release the film’s Kannada version prioritizing the Telugu version.

The fans are saying that this is nothing but an insult to Kannada pride denying their own language film even though it is available.

At this time, RRR fans have threatened to give the same treatment to the Kannada film, KGF 2 when it releases next month. But then, that threat has resulted in an unimaginable insult.

“First you decide what is your capital before talking about language pride and talking about boycott,” Kannada fans are ridiculing them.

This is the situation YS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government has led Andhra Pradesh people to with crazy ideas like three capitals.

After the outrage, the Karnataka distributor added three theaters in Bengaluru city. Meanwhile, the Telugu 2D version is playing in forty-seven theaters.