The Siva Rama Krishnan Committee formed to suggest the best possible location for the state capital had submitted its 187 pages report to Union Home Ministry on Friday. Here are the important points in the report

1. Special Status is very important for the state which is limping due to deficit budget.
2. Special Status to AP should be accorded as soon as possible consulting National Development Council.
3. Setting up capital in Vijayawada-Guntur will create economic as well as environmental issues.
4. 1536 Crores will be necessary to create basic amenities in the capital
5. Ring Roads in VGTM Circle will increase the land rates by multiple folds and will also decrease agricultural lands.
6. High court need not be in the same location of Assembly and Secretariat. High court is not in the capital for many states.
7. AP high court in Vishakapatnam and bench in Rayalaseema will be a good option.
8. 15 acres needed for Raj Bhavan construction
9. 80 to 100 acres need for Assembly construction
10. CM, Ministers offices and secretariat should be in VGTM. 20 acres needed for the construction.
11. 1458 acres of government land is available in VGTM while 10000 acres are required for capital construction
12. Land Acquisition will take 3 to 4 years.
13. It is not feasible to acquire lands at current market rate. Since land rates are already high in Vijayawada and Guntur.
14. Development should not be centralized in the Capital.
15. Some government offices can be setup at Nuziveedu, Musunooru, Amaravathi and Pulichintala
16. Basic Amenities and Educational institutes should be setup in backward areas.
17. Government offices and Educational institutions should be distributed to all the 13 districts.
18. Domestic and International investments should yield ample employment oppurtunities.
19. Houses of Department staff should be setup at different places.
20. IT industry should be setup in Vishakapatnam.
21. CM office, Secretariat should be setup in Nuziveedu, Gannavaram and Musunooru.
22. 110 department offices should be in different places unlike Hyderabad where they are in a single location.