Kesineni Nani Opens Up for the First Time About Kesineni Travels Shut DownVijayawada MP Kesineni Nani who shut down his Kesineni Travels recently for the first time opened up about it. “I am doing business with integrity even then, Opposition is trying to stamp me as a thief. So, I have decided to shut down the business in AP and Telangana,” Nani said.

“Yes, we are in losses for the last two years and doing business in the right way is the reason for that. I did not close the business due to losses. I just do not want the CM or the party to get bad name due to my business,” Kesineni added.

The Vijayawada MP also said that he is getting offers from other states to do business there. This will impact 100s of employees working with the Travels for years together. On the other side, Nani is the best performing MP in both the Telugu States. This proves that he has bigger political ambitions