GallaJayaDev-Kesineni-Nani-Chandrababu-Naidu-Delhi-Tour-Kesineni Nani got re-elected as Vijayawada MP in the 2019 elections. Even in severe anti-incumbency, Nani managed to win. He has a good hold over six out of seven constituencies in his Lok Sabha segment.

Nani made an indelible mark on Vijayawada. He executed many developmental works using his contacts with Central Ministers and industrialists like Ratan Tata.

All these qualities make Nani a good leader but he is struggling to be a good politician.

Nani has issues with many leaders of the party in the Krishna district. This is one of the prime reasons for TDP losing the Vijaywada Corporation elections.

He openly defies the party and its leadership giving an impression that he may leave the party.

But immediately after such an instance, we see him going to Chandrababu for meetings.

Only a few days ago, we have seen Chandrababu Naidu attending Kesineni’s daughter’s wedding reception.

Today, while receiving Naidu in Delhi along with other TDP MPs, Nani is seen pushing the flower bouquet when Galla Jayadev offered to give him to the former CM.

The video has gone viral and has offered fodder for Sakshi and YSR Congress social media teams.

It is certain that Nani has issues with the party. It is surprising that the leadership is not making an attempt to resolve them.

Someone like Nani is also an asset to the party, Naidu should not leave the matter until it becomes too worse.

At the same time, Nani should also realize that this is not how the leaders of a party in the opposition should behave.

It takes two hands to clap. Both Nani and Naidu should sit and talk or else they are sending bad signals to the public.