Kesineni-Nani-TDP-For many days, there were rumors that Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani is upset with TDP and may shift to the BJP in the coming days.

Also, there were reports that TDP is grooming Kesineni Chinni as a possible replacement. But then, Nani participated in a party event today and surprised everyone.

He pledged 65 Lakh Rupees from his MPLADS for the construction of Agnikula Kshatriya Bhavan, an initiative of MLA Gadde Ram Mohan Rao.

He also praised Chandrababu Naidu so much. “Chandrababu is a contended man with the development and service he did to the people,” Nani praised.

“Everyone in Vijayawada knows who brought the flyovers here. I need not give counters to Sajjala or anyone on that topic,” he said.

With elections fast approaching, it looks like Nani had decided to keep the differences aside and work in the constituency.

Nani had won from Vijayawada Parliament for the second time on a trot despite a huge anti-TDP wave that gripped the state in 2019.