Kesineni Nani answers Pawan Kalyan's QuestionPawan Kalyan the other day had questioned why only five MPs participated in the debate of amendments to the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act. Kesineni Nani, Vijayawada TDP MP, the man in the center of this controversy had come up with an explanation which exposes Pawan Kalyan’s ignorance of Lok Sabha practices.

“Speaker decides the time given for a party basing on its strength. TDP is the seventh largest party in Lok Sabha after Shiv Sena. The party is usually give 6-7 minutes in a debate where in the party asks one of its MPs to speak. The party usually shares subjects among MPs. I (Nani) issues such as railway and highways. Every one are in the house when debate took place and three MPs of our party spoke on the issue in the time given to us. Pawan Kalyan may be not aware of all these practices”.

Kambhampati Haribabu (BJP), Midhun Reddy (YSRCP) and N.Kishtappa, Avanthi Srinivas and Thota Narasimham (TDP) spoke in that debate took place on March 17 when the Lok Sabha discussed amendments to the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill, 2015.