Kesineni Brothers Become A Headache For Bejawada TDPKesineni Nani managed to win as Vijayawada MP in 2014 and 2019. He won in 2019 despite a massive anti-wave against the government.

But right from day one, he has issues with the other leaders of the party like Buddha Venkanna, Bonda Uma, and Nagulmeera.

They have openly fought each other. He even announced not contesting in 2024 and has been silent for a long time.

There are rumors that the gap has increased between Nani and TDP high command.

This time the reason is his brother, Kesineni Chinni.

Chinni has become active in the party all of sudden. Chinni recently met Chandrababu and Lokesh.

There are rumors that he will get the Vijayawada MP ticket in 2019.

Chinni is also conducting programs independently and is also trying to invite the followers of Nani to those events.

This brothers’ rivalry has become a new headache for TDP in Bejawada politics.

Sources in TDP say that Chandrababu, however, has confidence in Nani but the latter should take the step forward and resolve the differences with the party high command.