vijayan pinarayi - ys jaganPinarayi Vijayan recently re-elected as the Chief Minister of Kerala. He took oath as the Chief Minister at a ceremony conducted in a stadium. He took to Twitter and announced using the tent erected at the stadium for vaccination.

“The tent that was set up for the swearing-in ceremony will serve as a vaccination facility for priority groups. On the first day, KSRTC employees received the vaccination. In the upcoming days, others will also be vaccinated there (sic),” the Kerala CM tweeted.

This tweet has reminded people of the Prajavedika which was demolished in the initial days of Jagan’s rule. “If not for the ego, Prajavedika would have been COVID test Center or a vaccination or a temporary hospital,” many social media users are seen ruing.

On the other side, Andhra Pradesh is one of the worst affected states due to COVID-19. It stands fifth in the state with the highest number of active cases. It has been continuously clocking over 20K cases and 100 deaths daily for the last few days.