Kejriwal's dharna troubles Delhi Janata!

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and his MLAs from Aam Admi Party are sitting in a dharna demanding suspension of three police offers and asking to bring Police department under state government. This is the first time in the history of democratic India, a Chief Minister siting for a dharna opposing 144 section and threatening to block Republic day celebrations. Kejriwal’s dharna is grabbing the eye balls of the entire nation but the response from the public is mixed.

While many feel it is not right on the part of Kejriwal to waste time on agitations and neglecting governance, AAP supporters are commending him for the guts to question the system. BJP and Congress parties are also criticizing Kejriwal for encouraging lawlessness despite being in a responsible position. On the other side, Delhi commuters are inconvenienced by AAP protests, all roads leading to Raisina roundabout (the venue of dharna) barricaded by Delhi police. All 4 metro stations near North Block remained shit for the second day after AAP’s protest.