Kejriwal proved his critics right?

The 49 days honeymoon of Arvind Kejriwal finally ended. The new age politician defied all the logic and predictions by scaling to Power in Delhi in months time. However, when Kejriwal is hesitating to form the government with the outside support people called him running away from power and responsibility. The 49 days government of Kejriwal did not prove them wrong except for some initial promise.

Aam Admi Party took to roads protesting against Center’s control over state Police. The entire nation was bewildered at a Chief Minister taking to roads for the first time in the history. And now finally the resignation came when the Jan Lok Pal Bill was not able to pass in Delhi Assembly. Finally, Kejriwal’s regime ended up as a no-doer. The dreams of common man and youth bringing change in Politics were still kept in dreams by Kejriwal’s decision. Now, Kejriwal will be going to people for power in upcoming Lok Sabha elections and Delhi Bypolls, we will have to see how people respond!